• Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light

Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light


Our solar garden lights are constructed with global standards in mind:
1. CE certified for European safety compliance.
2. ROHS compliant, ensuring they contain no hazardous substances.
3. EMC certified, guaranteeing minimal electromagnetic interference.
4. BSCI certified, which underscores our commitment to ethical business practices.

Iron + Glass
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
  • Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
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  • Technical Parameters

Find yourself spellbound by the captivating Mosaic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light - a combination of functionality and artistry perfect for nature enthusiasts. Crafted by hand from mosaic glass for added beauty and functionality. Designed to let birds feed from all directions while lighting your garden up with solar-powered lanterns that illuminate at dusk and turn off at dawn - an eco-friendly feeder that serves both garden decor and bird enthusiasts. Each handcrafted piece makes an impressive garden decoration or unique bird enthusiast present!

Technical Parameters 

Name Mosic Glass Bird Feeder With Solar Light
Feeding Tray Allows birds to feed from all angles.
Energy Saving & Eco-friendly Solar-powered, automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.
Handcrafted Design Decorative, made by hand with mosaic glass, ideal for gardens and as a gift.
Battery 1pc AA 1.2V Ni-MH 300mAh (included).
Solar Panel Type Polycrystalline.
Working Time 6 hours.
Charging Time 8 hours.



  • All-Angle Feeding: Designed for comfort and accessibility, allowing birds to feed from any angle.
  • Eco-Friendly Lighting: Solar-powered lanterns ensure energy savings and environmental care, lighting up automatically at dusk.
  • Handcrafted Beauty: Each bird feeder is a unique work of art, meticulously assembled with mosaic glass, making it a stunning garden decoration and a thoughtful gift for nature and bird lovers.
  • Self-Sustaining: Includes a rechargeable AA battery for continuous operation, ensuring the lanterns shine bright every night.

Installation Tips

  • Check all accessories in the package: make sure all necessary parts are included, such as solar panels, Ni-MH batteries (pre-installed), hanging chains, etc.

    Install the battery: Confirm that the AA 1.2V Ni-MH 300mAh battery has been correctly installed in the solar light source. In most cases, the battery is pre-installed in the device at the factory.

    Activating solar lights: You usually need to remove the protective film on the solar panel and make sure the switch is in the "ON" position so that the solar panel starts absorbing sunlight.

    Choose a location: Pick a spot that gets direct sunlight and is easy for birds to spot. Avoid placing it in a location that is too dark or blocked, as this will affect the charging efficiency of the solar panel and the effect of the light.

    Hang the Bird Feeder: Use the included hanging chain or rope to hang the bird feeder in the location of your choice. Make sure it hangs securely enough and that there are no supporting points around it that cats or other predators could easily climb on.

    Adjust the angle: If necessary, adjust the angle of the solar panels to ensure they receive the maximum amount of sunlight during the day.

Things to Note

Clean your solar panels regularly and keep them clean to ensure optimal charging efficiency.
Check whether bird feeders need maintenance or cleaning to maintain their ability to attract birds.
During extreme weather conditions, consider temporarily removing bird feeders to avoid damage.
By following these simple installation tips, you will not only add a beautiful addition to your garden, but also provide a reliable source of food for your lovebirds while watching them flutter happily around your garden.

Production Details


Solar garden lights are versatile and can be used in various settings to enhance aesthetics,
improve visibility, and promote safety. Here are the applicable scenarios for solar garden lights:

  • Residential Gardens:

    • Illuminating pathways and walkways.
    • Highlighting flower beds and landscaping features.
    • Accentuating garden statues or other decorative elements.
  • Patios and Decks:

    • Providing ambient lighting for evening gatherings.
    • Lighting up steps and edges for safety.
  • Driveways and Entrances:

    • Enhancing visibility and safety at night.
    • Welcoming guests with a lit pathway to the front door.
  • Public Spaces:

    • Lighting up parks and recreational areas for evening use.
    • Illuminating sidewalks and public walkways for better visibility and safety.
  • Commercial Properties:

    • Enhancing the curb appeal of businesses after dark.
    • Lighting parking lots and outdoor seating areas in restaurants and cafés.
  • Safety and Security:

    • Deterring trespassers by keeping areas well-lit.
    • Marking hazardous areas or obstacles in the landscape to prevent accidents.
  • Event Lighting:

    • Decorating outdoor event spaces for weddings, parties, and other occasions.
    • Creating a magical ambiance in temporary setups like tents and outdoor venues.
  • Eco-Friendly Projects:

    • Incorporating into green building projects and sustainable landscape designs.
    • Using in off-grid areas or locations where reducing energy consumption is a priority.

Solar garden lights offer a flexible, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for outdoor lighting,
making them suitable for a wide range of applications beyond the ones listed.

Item No. SM22111
Name House Number Solar Stake Light
Brand Soume Lighting
Material PP
Size 6.1X6.1X63cm
Color Black
Solar Panel 2V 40mA Polycrystal Silicon
Battery 1.2V AAA 600mAh Ni-CD 1pc
LED White Color 1pc and Color Changing 1pc
Stickers Number 0~9 (5pcs each)
Charging Time 8 hours
Working Time 6 hours
How Soume Lighting Upgrades Your Garden Lighting
Solar garden lights save energy, are good for the environment, and are easy to put in.
They automatically charge and light up, so they last a long time and look nice outside.
The compact size of Soume Lighting’s solar garden light allows for discreet placement, optimizing aesthetic appeal without overwhelming garden elements.

Its lightweight design facilitates quick installation and relocation as desired.
Dimensions Display
During the day, the solar garden lights' stylish design complements your outdoor decor.
At night, it's efficiently powered by solar energy and emits dazzling light, refreshing your space and enhancing security and ambiance.
Lighting Effects Day vs. Night
If you have additional questions, please send us an inquiry. We will respond as quickly as possible.
Q1. If sample available for quality evaluation?
A: Yes, a FOC sample could be provided for your quality checking.
Q2. What about the lead time?
A:Sample needs 3–5 days, mass production time needs 30 days for a MOQ of 1000pcs.
Q3. Do you have any MOQ requirements?

A: MOQ could be 500pcs for your trial order.

Q4. How do you ship the goods, and how long does it take to arrive?
A: By sea or by air as per client’s request.
Q5.How do I order your solar lights?
A: First, please advise your order quantity and all detailed packaging requirements. Secondly, we have confirmed our best offer based on your requirements. Third, the customer confirms the sample and places the order. Fourth, we will start production after you receive the deposit.
Q6. Is it OK to print my logo on solar light product?
A: Yes.
Q7. How can we guarantee quality?
A: FRI would be conducted before each shipment based on AQL 4.0/2.5 standard, and both QC report and photograph would be sent to you for your final approval to ship.
Q8. Both OEM and ODM services are available?
A: Yes, we have a strong R & D team, welcome to discuss with us any OEM or ODM project.
Factory Overview
Factory Address: Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China

Factory Certificate: Soume Lighting has focused on garden Solar Lighting for over 10 years, certified by ISO9001, BSCI.
Professional Certificates
We firmly adhere to the concept of compliance, ensuring every product is reliable and safe to use.